Why your small business needs Social Media!

In today’s world social media is everywhere.  As business owners we need to be conscience of this and use it to our advantage.  In this post, I will give you 5 reasons why social media should be a vital part of your small business.  Remember all publicity helps!  Only a minimal effort is needed each week to make your business stand out on social media.

Reasons:Facebook smartphone social media tiles

  1. Social Proof
  2. Build an Audience
  3. Advertising
  4. Reviews
  5. Platform


Social Proof

What is social proof you ask?  Simply put it is – someone who has thousands of followers on Twitter will appear more trustworthy then someone that has only 100 followers. Definition of social proof.This may or may not be an accurate assumption but it is how we as humans perceive the situation so lets try to use that to our advantage and build a following.  The second way that social proof can exhibit itself is word of mouth.  Remember people like to talk and social media is their platform to do so, so let them and encourage them.  Be engaged!  Also, remember the more people that like and share your content the more credibility you have and the more chance you have of picking up new followers.

Build an Audience

Social media is our modern word of mouth.  It is the beauty salon of today.  Most people have an internet linked device in their hand for several hours each day, remember this allows us to harness social media’s power and use this word of mouth to build a bigger audience.  Our reach can be endless, but keep in mind that most people have a large portion of their connections on a local level.  Once you have an audience that trusts you, you can make request of them.


I know most of you have invested plenty of time and money in building a website for your business, social media can be an extension of this.  In addition, some businesses find it easier to post frequently on social media vs their more static website.  This is because social media is expected to be a short and quick read vs a long article on your website.  This allows for plenty of engagement between you and your audience.  Here are some ways you can engage:

  1. Publish community service tips
  2. “How to” documents to maximize the value of services you provide
  3. Links to content on your website
  4. Place for your audience to publish photos and other media to your page
  5. Staff Introductions
  6. Answer customer questions



Having an audience that trusts you is important.  Social media is a method to build this trust.  Remembering this key idea allows us to make requests of our audience.  These could be writing reviews or sharing our products/services with friends.  Most people, use reviews as a method to determine if they would like to purchase a product or service.  So lets harness this to our benefit!  Keep in mind lack of reviews does not prove anything positive or negative for your business, but several positive reviews are priceless!


I know most of us don’t like ads in our faces when we are browsing social media and/or websites.  However, they are a reality and they can direct new customers to our business.  We should investigate what options are available online for advertising.  A good example of these types of ads would be Facebook ads or Snapchat filters.  These can easily target to certain demographics including location, allowing us to get our business name out.  Both of these advertising methods are inexpensive so a large budget is not required.


Probably one of the most important ways social media can help is Google !  Lets not forget social media is indexed by Google.  It is critical when you create your social media accounts that you are fully utilizing the “About” and “Public Profile” pages.  In addition when publishing content to your social media page always do your best to include your business name and/or location in the posts.  Below is an example of a good post and a bad post to demonstrate what I mean.

Bad post — Come see us at the Comal county fair for lots of fun food and games!

Good post — Come see Dannymullen.com at the Comal county fair in New Braunfels, Texas for lots of fun food and games.

Notice in the bad example, I used only the county and not the city.  Also, I used the word “us” vs the business name “dannymullen.com”

Review the tips I have provided and get your social media strategy together.  After fully digesting, you will see that really these methods are simple and can help your business prosper.  To get started I suggest spending 3 hours this week building your strategy and 15 minutes every week after that executing it!

Leave a comment and let me know how these strategies worked for you!  Tip:“Comments are a good way to get a link to your site!”  Please feel free to share any tips that you have.



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  • Christine Link Reply

    While our audience craves the content and will ask for more, the shorter the better! I realized reading your blog that a good way to keep your audience “coming back for more” can be utilized with our social media posts. They are quick, fun, and real life! We can grab their attention while they are busy and on the go with our posts that will encourage them to seek further information and want to find your website,blog,social media, etc.
    My questions for your is what comes first when you look for a business? Are you one that looks at their social media for credibility and reviews (everything is real on social media, right?) or do you go to their website?

    • danny Link Reply

      Well, I actually do a little of both, website and social media. I would say it like this: I look for their website and social media profile. If both are significantly out of date, I tend to shy away and go find the next guy who can help me. If either is active and the content is relevant and reviews are positive, then I would pull the trigger and purchase their product or service. Oh and of course, I run like hell if their contact email is something completely irrelevant to their business like [email protected].

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