Why I Dislike Adobe Air applications

It has been a few years since I have used adobe air applications. In the past I had a few problems, but I was satisfied overall with the install process. However, just recently I ran into something very peculiar.

I have three rarely used Adobe Air applications on My computer. I had the need to use one of them recently. Upon loading, it let me know there was an updated version and asked if I wanted to install. After clicking the yes button and installing the update, I realized the version didn’t change. This led me to try the other Air applications. All of them have updates that need to be installed and all three had the same exact issue.

Here are three reasons why I dislike adobe air applications:

  • Remember that there are many layers to how an application runs. Air applications appear to be an application that runs inside and application.
  • The proprietary nature of Adobe’s run time engine combined with a proprietary operating system make it difficult to debug issues.
  • Lastly, you are not Adobe’s customer. Remember you did not purchase, nor did you select to use their run time engine. The developer is their customer. This is an issue when getting support, as I am finding out.

So what now?

Well, I am attempting to communicate Adobe support. This is a challenge, as Air, is not listed in their items drop down menu when requesting support. I have written this blog post as a place for others that have had challenges with Air to log their comments. I am posting this link to Twitter and tagging Adobe support. Possibly the social angle will gather some attention. Quite frankly, I do believe I am between a rock and a hard place on this one. Adobe air does provide a valuable tool for developers that wish to provide multi-platform applications. I just want it to always work as advertised!

Here is my Tweet:

Leave a comment with your experiences using Adobe Air. My applications are installed on a Windows Vista laptop.

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