Who am I?

Well to put it bluntly, my name is Danny Mullen and I am a entrepreneurial minded web developer. I like to specialize in teaching people how to be web savvy on a budget, as well as optimize their online presence.

It was in college that I developed a fascination with how computers worked. It was not the hardware that ran the computer that interested me, but the operating system. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was able to recognize features that others didn’t. I soon became the go-to guy for finding those small ‘Hacks’ that would allow us to use computers in a way only dreamed of. I have to credit my brother and his friends for many of these learned hacks as I remember many late nights playing Warcraft with 8 computers strung together with COAX on his apartment floor. I also remember making many of those 8 dollar coasters A.K.A. Cd’s. At the time CD-burners were not the most robust pieces of equipment and blanks at the time cost 8bux or more. In addition to these nights spent gaming, we made our once per month trips to the 1st Saturday computer show in Dallas. This was place was definitely a ‘Geek Convention’ you could find all the latest computer stuff at great prices as well as bins of computer junk for that would sell for 50 cents a bag!

Although setting up these gaming nights was for fun, it gave me an outlet to learn computer networking. This knowledge came in handy as these learned skills gave me what I needed to setup computers for people at school. This soon led to jobs in that field.

I graduated College with a degree in Electrical Engineering and have spent the last 15years developing software used to test electronic assemblies during manufacturing. While on the job, I have become proficient in many software languages and development environments. I was introduced to the Unix operating system, SQL databases, and server management. Little did I know that these job requirements 15 years ago would take me to where I am now. Like college, I again find myself to be the go-to guy that people will come to when they need computer advice, a website setup, a computer backed up or recover information off of a computer that wont boot.

You may ask, how do all these things tie to web development? The first thing is a basic understanding of networking, for what is the web but a big network. Second, unlike today where to post a webpage you just type and submit, in days gone by you actually needed to write code and upload it. In addition, just about everyday when doing things on the web I find a subtle detail why all the knowledge I acquired by doing things the so-called long way has made my life a little easier than the average Joe. For example when helping my younger brother write some code for a SQL query I found he had no knowledge escaping quotes, a methodology carried over from shell scripting, but still in use today. Having the knowledge I did I was able to troubleshoot the problem rather rapidly, it is these little things that will generally make my life just that little bit easier.

Armed with this knowledge and the passion to teach people, I have setup BlogMadeSimple.com. This is my site dedicated to demonstrating methods of how to get started developing their online presence. I was inspired to do this as I keep finding things that irritate me on the web, instead of complaining, I set off to start educating. I think my biggest irritation is seeing independent business people with an email contact like [email protected]/hotmail/gmail.com . It is typically a turn off for me and I would assume others as well.

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