Using SoundCloud as a media host, but not using their feed??

So you found yourself with lots of audio and needing a place to host it.  Why is this, well probably because you started a podcast!!  What is a podcast you ask?  It is a series of sound clips aka episodes placed online in a format so that a person can subscribe.  When creating podcast we need a place to host these media files.  After all we want people to have great download speeds.  Typically our websites are not hosted on a server that is optimized for large audio downloads, some podcasters don’t  have a website.  Answers to these questions will influence which media host we choose and whether we use the RSS feed they provide or our own.  In this blog post, I will describe how to use SoundCloud as a media host and how to use it with their RSS feed and without.

Media Host Feed
Pro Con
 They own and control it  Difficult to move and customize
 Easy quick setup More difficult setup
Only one podcast feed

 Unlimited number of podcasts

No website required

Requires a website


Using Their feed

I highly suggest using your own feed, but understand that some people would like simplicity and only need to place their feed into itunes.  They have no reason to add an additional website.  I highly recommend against this see my post — why everyone needs a blog — .  But here goes anyway.

If you would like to use Soundcloud’s built in feed.  Here is how you would do it.

  1. Sign up for a Soundcloud account
  2. Upload your media files to Soundcloud Upload Link Here
  3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the page, then click settings and then content.  Content Link Here
  4. Once in the content menu you will see your RSS feed in the RSS feed box.
  5. Highlight that feed and copy it.
  6. If you are using the Soundcloud feed this link is what you would submit to iTunes / Google Play / Stitcher etc.


Using your own feed. 

  1. Follow the steps above until Step 5.  Then continue below.
  2. Copy the link to your rss feed and paste it into your web browser.  Different browser will show the feed differently.  I use firefox for this step as it shows a graphical version of the feed and all files attached.  **Note: Chrome shows only text.
  3. Once in your web browser find the link to the MP3 file you wish to publish in your feed and copy it.
  4. Post this link into your feed.  Your feed can be built using a WordPress blog or it could be hand built.
  5. Publish your feed.


I believe you should try to keep as much control as possible over your feed.  Building your own allows for the most control in this situation.  It also allows you to separate episodes into separate feeds if you like.  Sub categories etc!  It allows you to create primary podcast then create a sub category of your podcasts.  LEts say for example you have a show like mine “dirty tech talk”. I am working on sub seasons like mobile mastery series.  I could create a separate feed if I wished with only episodes pertaining to this sub group of my podcast.  I could also merge all of my podcasts together if I have more then one.  The world is endless when you have the control.




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