Were you angry when you created your email?

A  Few years ago I used to run a nonprofit youth organization.  Because of this I would need to request parents contact information.  Some of the names blew my mind.

At this moment I realized people need help!  Are they angry do they not know any better?  I mean really “[email protected]—.com”, “[email protected]–.com”.  I mean really?  These were some of the toppers.  Then there is the “[email protected]–.com” and probably my favorite “[email protected]—.com”.  I mean we weren’t playing baseball?

So here is my five tips for creating a good email address:

1. Make it meaning file to you.  

2. Keep it less then 15characters prior to the @ symbol. **unless it is your actual name.

3. Minimize use of “-“, “.”, “_” as they can lead to confusion.

4. Register a domain when possible

5. Refrain from hate speech in the email name.

More tips to come soon!  Leave a comment and tell me the strangest email address you have run into.


Use 2fa to keep yourself from being penetrated! 

Here is a short simple question to get my blog kicked off after a few years.  

How many out there use two factor authentication?  Do you use it on everything, some things or nothing?  

Well for me I use it on everything that supports it including this blog.  I have found that I like the comfort of knowing that if you don’t have my token you can’t login.  For all you naysayers out there, “Can’t” of course is a relative term meaning without some type of hack!

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


Why should I rebrand, you tell me…

Hello All! I wanted to let everyone know that I will be currently undergoing a rebranding effort. Last month I was able to acquire Danny Mullen .com. This is the domain I originally wanted, well now I own it!

In addition to this domain change, I will be changing hosting providers and updating the template to Thesis2.0.

I look forward to the transition and I am very excited. If you have any questions, leave a comment!



Why I Dislike Adobe Air applications

It has been a few years since I have used adobe air applications. In the past I had a few problems, but I was satisfied overall with the install process. However, just recently I ran into something very peculiar.

I have three rarely used Adobe Air applications on My computer. I had the need to use one of them recently. Upon loading, it let me know there was an updated version and asked if I wanted to install. After clicking the yes button and installing the update, I realized the version didn’t change. This led me to try the other Air applications. All of them have updates that need to be installed and all three had the same exact issue.

Here are three reasons why I dislike adobe air applications:

  • Remember that there are many layers to how an application runs. Air applications appear to be an application that runs inside and application.
  • The proprietary nature of Adobe’s run time engine combined with a proprietary operating system make it difficult to debug issues.
  • Lastly, you are not Adobe’s customer. Remember you did not purchase, nor did you select to use their run time engine. The developer is their customer. This is an issue when getting support, as I am finding out.

So what now?

Well, I am attempting to communicate Adobe support. This is a challenge, as Air, is not listed in their items drop down menu when requesting support. I have written this blog post as a place for others that have had challenges with Air to log their comments. I am posting this link to Twitter and tagging Adobe support. Possibly the social angle will gather some attention. Quite frankly, I do believe I am between a rock and a hard place on this one. Adobe air does provide a valuable tool for developers that wish to provide multi-platform applications. I just want it to always work as advertised!

Here is my Tweet:

Leave a comment with your experiences using Adobe Air. My applications are installed on a Windows Vista laptop.


My Apple journey, a converts story

My Apple experience has been such an amazing journey, I felt compelled to write a blog post about it.  The journey started in November of 2007, I got my first iPod.  Now don’t take me wrong, back then, I would have never purchase an Apple product.  At the time, I was like other Apple haters too proud to actually try one.  However, my wife showed up at the house with an 8gig iPod Nano 3rd generation.  She had actually won the iPod in a game at the arcade.  I proceeded to pull the iPod out of its package and see what this little thing could do.  Within minutes, I was amazed.  This device could hold more songs than anyone could listen to in a full day.  However, the thing that really got me hooked was the podcast tab.

Prior to having this nano I would download podcast and put them on a memory stick to listen to in the car.   What a pain in the A** that was.  Using the USB method, I could never seem to figure out where I was or where I left off.   In addition I would have to try to correlate some cryptic mp3 name to the actual title of the podcast I listened to.  Ugh!  The second problem with listening to podcast without the iPod was that I had to go and actually pull the files from several different websites.  At this time there was no podcatcher that could sync with a USB device.  Keep in mind when I say sync I mean it would actually track whether or not I listened to a podcast or not.  Even if there was a software out there, I definitely couldn’t build a playlist.  Not the type of playlist I wanted, that is!

Within a few minutes of having this thing out of the box I downloaded iTunes.   Installed it on my PC, sorry no macs here.  I still want one,but need to save some $$ so I can get the one I would like.   Within a few minutes of having iTunes installed I discovered how easy it was to drag music over to my player.  I had not discovered the iTunes store and Podcast yet.  In fact iTunes actually searched my hard drive for music already there, and added it to my library.  Can’t beat that!  Although I was quite impressed with the device, I was still hesitant to actually use iTunes to its fullest.  I would manually download the mp3 podcasts and just drag them on to the iPod.  The only saving convience at this point was that I could dock my iPod on my car radio vs use a memory stick.  I did this for a few weeks until I had a little extra time and spoke to a friend who was a heavy apple user.  He asked, with a confused look on his face, why didn’t I use the sync function with podcasts via the iTunes store.  I asked why do I need the iTunes store, I am not buying music?

The iTunes store, an undiscovered world.  Ignorantly, I thought that only music was contained in the iTunes store,  I didn’t realize “free” podcast were there.   I soon discovered that all this work I was doing downloading mp3’s could be done by simply clicking a button in the iTunes store.  I wished someone had told me sooner.  In fact, I wish someone would have explained to me the benefits to an iPod vs just the average mp3 player.  Needless to say, this experience converted me.  Over the next few years, I found more reasons to stay with Apple.

What are your experiences?  Why do you like an iPod vs the other guys?  Leave a comment and let me know.


Faux Beignets

Do you love beignets the ones like they make in the New Orleans French quarter? I do, but it is always difficult to make them. I have found that there are two aspects the present difficulty, one making and preparing the dough from scratch and the second frying them. Quite frankly, I don’t mind the frying portion.  Making the dough on the other hand has always been a challenge for me. I have found a shortcut in the process while at my sisters house, she prepared what I call Faux Beignets.

I named them Faux Beignets because you don’t use conventional beignet dough to make them. You actually use bread dough. The reason I liked this process is that I always fumbled while trying to make the dough. If you have ever tried making beignet dough there are several steps and you make a complete mess doing it. Using bread dough especially frozen prepared bread dough keeps me from making that mess and makes frying up some doughnuts enjoyable again.  The best part is that I didn’t find there to be a significant difference in taste. Sure the texture is slightly different, but once covered in powdered sugar you don’t notice.

Should you want to take the leap and try this, below are the steps:

Step one:  Purchase frozen bread dough, then thaw the dough and let it rise. The dough we used was http://www.rhodesbread.com/products/view/814.

Faux Beignet Dough after Rising

Faux Beignet Dough after Rising








Step two:Knead the dough in flour and flatten as much as possible.
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Who does Google images say you look like?

I tried a feature of Google images that sounded neat.  To use it you have to go to the Google images search bar and click on the camera icon.  You can then upload an image or give it a URL and search images similar to it.


My first search Google said my image was similar to women ages 21-70:

Danny Mullen on Google images

I guess Google thinks I am an older woman.


I did a second search and uploaded a different photo, this time Google thinks I look like President Obama.  Hilarious!

Danny Mullen looks similiar to president obama

I love the fact that Obama came up when I searched.


Next time you have a few minutes, query Google for you image.  Tweet the results using #googlesimilar.


Finally Pulled the trigger on a Texas Tax Lien

Well I achieved a milestone today. I purchased my first tax lien in Texas today. I have been attending auctions on and off for almost 7 years and finally bought today.


Life is better on Charcoal

For the first time in years, I grilled on charcoal today. What I found is that it was so much better than gas. I think the reason gas was appealing is quick and easy. This is like life nothing is quick and easy.

For the first time in years I grilled with charcoal. I thoroughly enjoyed the food that I cooked tonight. It is amazing how much better the steak tasted with that smoky charcoal. It made me wonder why don’t I use charcoal more often, it also made me realize that like life, more work can yield greater reward.

Charcoal grill

You may ask how does this relate to life? Well to put it bluntly in life you get out what you put in and there are no quick solutions. Like the gas vs charcoal analogy most people are always in a search for the shortcut or the quickest method. Is this what really makes your life taste better?

Updating this blog takes time and I would love to have a million followers, unfortunately if I put no work into it I will get nothing out. This is evident by my traffic stats. Over the last 2 months I was slowly ramping up and when I took my time off to enjoy the summer it tapered off. I have now recommitted myself and I plan on putting forth the required effort to keep my blog up to date.

Remember that the long road typically wins in the end. You will appreciate things more when you put forth more effort. No different than meat on charcoal!

Leave a comment let me know of a time you tried taking the quick and easy route?


Back At it Again

You may have noticed it has been a couple weeks since my last post. Well I have been very busy the last few weeks. I more or less unplugged from online, intentionally of course. What have I been doing the last few weeks, well here are a few of the things:

  • Started and Finished ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’
  • Finished 8 of the 10 pages on my Non-profit website, plus a few other things related to the organization.
  • Finished my ebook outline
  • Finished 3 other books on my reading list forever
  • Plus a few more…

Now that school has started again and the weather is starting to cool down, its time to get cracking again. I start updating my blog on a more regular basis.