My latest dilemma

Well I have just encountered my latest smart phone problem.  I have googled for hours countlessly and found nothing.  It seems that most peoples solutions are either to live with it or install outlook.  I would like to do neither. I always find it funny how I seem to have problems that eithers others don’t, or problems that others don’t know are problems unitil I fix them.  My latest encounter involves contacts!

Although I say it is my latest encounter it really goes back to my first phone, my first email account, well basically my first digital address book.  You see I have found that going back well as long as 15 years I have collected some contacts many of which have duplicated or changed throughout the years.  The problem is that it was never noticed until recently when I obtained my iPhone.

You see when I got my iPhone I had to sync contacts from many different places. Google, iCloud, yahoo, old phone etc. in addition I wanted to upload a list of contacts on a regular basis that were contained in a vcf file.

Never before had I had such a diverse set of contacts that all needed to be loaded in one ace. The issue I had duplicates across all of the input data.
My first contacts went back to 1995 or further and I had been adding email addresses since then. When mobile phone became the norm I started a collection of phone numbers greater than anything I had seen in the past. Somewhere around 2005 my worlds started colliding as I got my first smart phone. The collision was not that severe due to it really not being that smart, but in my first switch to an android phone an explosion happened. I went many years living fat dumb and happy that all my info transitioned and existed somewhere in cyber space only to wake up today with three iPhones in hand and an uncontrollable mess!

Cloud computing was it a benefit or a downfall for out society!

Basically now I had multiple phones hundreds of contacts and many duplicates. How did this happen? How had I never noticed before? What am I to do?

The answer write a perl script. I find that anytime I get stressed in life hiding in a room and writing a perl script solves the problem. Now in have not written it yet, but it sparked the inspiration for me to write this blog post and I am sure my audience will keep me honest and make sure I finish.

Now that I have expressed my problems off to start coding! Hopefully I surface in time to take a breath.

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