Life is better on Charcoal

For the first time in years, I grilled on charcoal today. What I found is that it was so much better than gas. I think the reason gas was appealing is quick and easy. This is like life nothing is quick and easy.

For the first time in years I grilled with charcoal. I thoroughly enjoyed the food that I cooked tonight. It is amazing how much better the steak tasted with that smoky charcoal. It made me wonder why don’t I use charcoal more often, it also made me realize that like life, more work can yield greater reward.

Charcoal grill

You may ask how does this relate to life? Well to put it bluntly in life you get out what you put in and there are no quick solutions. Like the gas vs charcoal analogy most people are always in a search for the shortcut or the quickest method. Is this what really makes your life taste better?

Updating this blog takes time and I would love to have a million followers, unfortunately if I put no work into it I will get nothing out. This is evident by my traffic stats. Over the last 2 months I was slowly ramping up and when I took my time off to enjoy the summer it tapered off. I have now recommitted myself and I plan on putting forth the required effort to keep my blog up to date.

Remember that the long road typically wins in the end. You will appreciate things more when you put forth more effort. No different than meat on charcoal!

Leave a comment let me know of a time you tried taking the quick and easy route?

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