Were you angry when you created your email?

A  Few years ago I used to run a nonprofit youth organization.  Because of this I would need to request parents contact information.  Some of the names blew my mind.

At this moment I realized people need help!  Are they angry do they not know any better?  I mean really “[email protected]—.com”, “[email protected]–.com”.  I mean really?  These were some of the toppers.  Then there is the “[email protected]–.com” and probably my favorite “[email protected]—.com”.  I mean we weren’t playing baseball?

So here is my five tips for creating a good email address:

1. Make it meaning file to you.  

2. Keep it less then 15characters prior to the @ symbol. **unless it is your actual name.

3. Minimize use of “-“, “.”, “_” as they can lead to confusion.

4. Register a domain when possible

5. Refrain from hate speech in the email name.

More tips to come soon!  Leave a comment and tell me the strangest email address you have run into.

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