How to eBay like a pro and save 50% or more!!

I love eBay!!  I buy phones all the time on eBay.  It has saved me hundreds of $$, how can you pass this up?  I became an eBay fan in 2009 when I needed to purchase an iPod for parts to repair my screen.  In doing so I found hundreds of opportunities to make purchases and most important make profit!  Do you like making purchases up to 50% below market value? Do you own a smart device or computer?  Then you have what it takes to follow my tips and eBay like a pro.

To get started a few setup details:
  1. Sign up for an eBay account
  2. Sign up for a paypal account
  3. Download the app on your smart device if using one.
I highly suggest the eBay app be used on your phone or iPad as you primary means for bidding.  This is because notifications are easy to setup.  In addition when searching you see only the listings, so you mind is not cluttered by other things on the page.  Lastly, well I find it just easier to navigate.  Keep in mind there are times you may need to use the full desktop version, but for me this is about once every 100 transactions and it is typically for some obscure reason.  In these cases I am sure the app can be used, but the email request from eBay directs me otherwise.


 The key to saving money is using eBay like a pro.  Here are my tips on How To do that:
  1. Use the app!!
    • Not much more to say, this is almost a requirement to eBay!
    • The app is very friendly compact and easy to use.
  2. Use the search and follow function.
    • This allows you to create custom searches that will find your exact criteria you are searching for.
    • The follow function will notify you of new finds.
  3. Use the alert features!
    •  Outbid alerts
    •  New items alerts
    •  Auction Ending alert
  4. Use smart hunting techniques!  **This is the key one.
    • Depending on what you are looking for will depend on the exact strategy, however my strategy will definitely work for most popular products.
    • First thing you have to know your market.
    • Set up searches for auctions in a specific price range.  The max value should be 15% less then the max you are willing to pay. 
      • Doing this allows you to see only auctions in your price range and not over pay.
      • This strategy has enabled me to get several iPhones for 60+% of current market value.
    • Next sort the search results by “ending soonest.”
      • Don’t look at auctions more then 24hrs out.  The reason being is that in 24hrs the item could be above your price.
      • Don’t make a big effort to research the items either until you are in the 24 hour window as this can be wasted time.
  5. Don’t get caught in auction madness!! Well unless you are bidding on rare one of a kind items.
  6. Be will to buy grade b products
    • Do a little research sometime grade b products are just a good a grade A.
  7. Be willing to do minor repairs
    • Sometime people sell their things because they don’t want to do the repair.  If you know where to get the item repaired add the cost into you max bid.
  8. Be willing to buy a “lot .”
    1.   Some times lots are cheaper.  And then you instantly get spare parts.  So shop for a friend…..  I many times have bought a lot of phones or iPods and received working ones that I could resell or use to fix broken ones.
Go out and happy eBaying!!
Leave a comment and tell me about your best eBay deal!
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