Does drive-thru food make you lazy? This is not what your thinking…

This morning I had a choice to make bacon and egg breakfast tacos or hop in the car and go purchase them. Well for once in my life I chose to make them myself. Clearly I was already awake and comfortable so why would one do this? Well it is for 3 reasons! I got to Move, Move, Move!

“We don’t realize that convenience can make us lazy”-Danny Mullen

As a society, we don’t realize that convenience can make us lazy.  On a day to day basis, we have to do things that will give our mind the chance to be creative and get the blood flowing through our brains.  Yes, I know most of you would say that driving gets it flowing, especially if there is plenty of traffic.  Well I agree, but this is the wrong type of flow!

So back to our topic the 3 reasons why making your own tacos will keep you from being lazy.


You are doing what is good for you by standing. We often don’t realize but as people we tend to sit down more during our day then we think. Cooking breakfast tacos will have you standing for about 30mins in front of the stove cooking and cleaning. Standing helps us get the blood flowing to all the correct places in our body!

* 90% higher risk of death cause in part by a sedentary lifestyle- A study provided by the American Cancer Society in 2010

A sense of accomplishment!

Yes I realize we may think our real goal in life was to get food in our belly, well it somewhat is. However, the “how” actually can matter and make us more healthy in the process.  Making your own tacos reduces the stress in many ways.  First, you are not over paying for something that is of lower quality.  This reduces the stress of wondering, if you are eating good quality food or not.  Second, because you didn’t pay you don’t have to worry about feeling a sense of wasting the food in your refrigerator that you spent hard earned money on.  Third, and most important of all you achieved a goal that was deeper then just putting food in your belly!  You activated the creative side of your brain, something we don’t do very often in todays society.

“Cooking the tacos is what enabled my brain to come up with this post, it activated my creative side!”-Danny Mullen

Self discipline:

Reduction of distractions that will keep you on task(aka procrastination.)  Upon entering the kitchen this morning to make my daily coffee, I found a few dishes in the sink, they were there from late last night.  I immediately wanted to just hop in the car drive to the local taco hut and make a purchase.  However, I used the discipline that I have been working on the last few weeks and refrained.  I made my tacos and coffee which got my blood flowing.  After which, I had no choice in my mind but to just suck it up and clean the dishes. I mean after all I was now standing in front of the sink wide awake and with a full belly, what else was there to do!

Now after all of this, I sit here on my laptop with my creative brain and a sense of accomplishment writing this article!  An article that is meant to inspire you and lead by example as your coach.  For how could I train people to be more productive and not practice what I preach.  In fact, following these beliefs is why I can come to you today.  For the last several months I have had plenty of free time and have changed my perspective on life.  It is amazing!

I have heard people suggest this for years, but never thought it was for me.  Now I do.  In this change I now go to the gym 4 times per week, plus a bonus 5th for a gymnastics class.  Something I always wanted to do!  Now at 42 years old, I am leaning how to connect my roundoff back hand spring!  It is amazing we don’t realize what our bodies and minds are capable of until we try.


I encourage you go out and make some tacos!  Get out of the drive-thru line and turn off those Facebook notifications!  Move, Move, Move! You will see a difference and be more successful.

Leave a comment, let me know a time when you chose the more creative path!

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  • gerry Link Reply

    Very good advice. I will endeavor to move, move, move. “We use 650 muscles to keep moving” quote from a leading vitamin D advertisement. It always amazes me to see the line of cars waiting in the fast food lines especially around the 3 main times we eat. At over $2 per gallon for gas this is another savings that can be realized if we avoid the fast food trap.

    • danny Link Reply

      Yes definitely a cost savings in gas and food cost! Happy to see that I inspired someone to move!

  • Bobbie Link Reply

    Very much enjoyed your article. Your motivation is motivating me.

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