Custom email for $15 or less per year

Have you ever received a business card and the contact info has an email that is not personalized?  In my mind this should never happen because of how easy and inexpensive it is to have a custom branded email.  If they can’t invest effort in themselves will they invest their effort in me?
Having a custom email means, you register any domain name that is available at the time and it is personalized to you.  This allows you to have your [email protected].  Once you purchase the domain you own it and no one can take it away.
Here are 5 reasons you should own a domain name:
  • Simple and short
  • Easy to remember
  • Brand recognition
  • Looks professional
  • Limitless potential for growth
Sticking with a generic service like gmail, yahoo, or MSN.  You can only pick what is available as a name as well as it will alway be or  Your options become limited and if you are like me, I never remember if the person said @yahoo or @gmail.  Also, in some cases there is and are they the same or not?  How am I supposed to remember this?  Having this type of email is definitely not always simple and sometimes they can become very long.  An example would be [email protected], in case you are wondering, I have seen this!
For brand recognition, I suggest purchasing a domain name.  The email would simply be [email protected] i.e. [email protected], this is much easier to remember.  Using a domain provides brand recognition that can be tied into your Facebook page or other means of sales communication.  An example would be  When you encounter someone with an email [email protected], how does one know his Facebook page is  Having a domain name can help clarify this confusion and will allow customers to easily find your service.
A tip on looking professional, when given the choice as a consumer to hire with an email of [email protected] and a Facebook page  Vs  Bills lawn care that had no domain name, the email was [email protected], and the Facebook page was  Who would you hire, do you see the connection?
The last reason would be limitless growth.  Here is a story about a woman named Susie.  Susie is the owner of Susie’s sugar scrubs.  Now Susie followed my advice and in advance invested a small amount of money in her business.  She purchased a domain name and had business cards printed that cited it.  Her initial goal was to make some extra money selling sugar scrubs to other moms in her town’s mothers with kids group.  She was very successful at this and mothers from around town would gift these to friends and family that were out of town.  Conveniently Susie also put her domain name and branding on the jars of sugar scrubs.   It was not very long before Susie started received orders from out of town.  Before she knew it her business had grown significantly, would this have happened if she had only an email for contact?
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  • Mark Mason Link Reply

    Hey Danny;

    The lack of a professional email totally drives me crazy. I’ve seen big six and seven figure pros with gmail addresses (and companies too). Always makes me think twice.

    Nice post man — let’s see more!


    • danny Link Reply

      Thanks for the comment! I thought I had responded already. I am working on more content I have several in the cue already, just published one today!

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